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Transformation Dinner with Dr. Kevin Miller & Dr. Christopher Reil — March 2020

(6:30PM - 7:45PM)

West Des Moines, IA United States 50265

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Enjoy complimentary food and beverages, while learning about the true definition of health and how to apply proven protocols for natural healing.

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95% of all disease is lifestyle driven! Because we lifestyle our way into poor health, you can lifestyle your way out!

"The human body was created with an INNATE ability to heal itself. When you apply the 5 simple truths revealed at this seminar to your lifestyle, you engage that REGENERATIVE power! No disease, sickness or diagnosis can resist when you are at 100%!" - Dr. Kevin Miller

- Drug-free solutions to overcome headaches, pains, diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, digestive issues & more!
- Learn how your current healthcare may be causing YOU more harm than good & the warning signs that go with it.
- The KEY to health that your doctor has NEVER told you about that nearly everyone is missing.

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Gilroy's Kitchen + Pub + Patio

1238 8th Street

West Des Moines, IA United States

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