E.P. True Chiropractic

At E.P. True Chiropractic, our mission is to have a family-centered healing culture. We teach natural healing principles, which allow the body to heal itself from the inside out with no drugs or surgery. Our vision is to educate and adjust as many people in our community as we can based on the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living.

We meet with our patients to break down seemingly complicated health and fitness concepts by providing simple, common-sense tips to preventing disease and living a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

We help our patients achieve their health and wellness goals using:
• Spinal Correction
• Educational Events and Clinics
• Metabolix Testing (Nutritional Testing)
• Lifestyle Coaching
• 5 Essentials Education
• Advanced Nutrition Training
• Home Rehabilitation

You will find our process is a little different and more thorough than other offices you may have visited. Our focus is to put you in your best health, short term, long term and for the rest of your life.

We are proud to work with many Des Moines Metro clubs and organizations including: Grandview Wrestling, Elite Beach Volleyball, Bucs Hockey, Blaze Football and many other fine programs throughout the metro.

Patient Wellness Process:
1. First Visit – Consultation with Dr. Miller and Examination
2. Second Visit – First Adjustment
3. Third Visit – Adjustment, X-Ray Review, Recommendations for Care
4. Fourth Visit – Adjustment, Home Exercise Training
5. Twelfth Visit – 5 Essential Consultation & Education

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We strive to offer only the best all-natural care in the world. We know we can help you make a positive difference in your life. Our philosophy is to deliver real, lasting results through simple, easy-to-follow solutions.

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