My Big Why, from Dr. Kevin Miller

In my story on why I became a chiropractor, I discuss my neck injury while wrestling. In between the
vertebral bodies are disc spaces. These disc spaces are made of annular rings on the outside and the
inside is a gelatinous material called the nucleus pulposus. Try picturing a jelly donut. You have jelly
filling in the middle and crust on the outside. When a donut is left out for a while it is going to dry out
and start crumbling. The disc in your neck can do the same thing. When the annular rings dry out the
inside will start pushing out. If the nucleus pushes through the outermost ring, it will put direct pressure
on the nerve. This shows up on the MRI image as a bulging or herniated disc.

This is exactly what happened to me. The disc was damaged and the nerve was sending a bunch of pain
down my left arm. A common term for this condition is a “stinger”. It is very common in wrestlers,
football players, rugby, MMA, and boxing. When the nerve gets direct pressure it shoots a pain down
your arm that you never forget. It literally felt like fire coming out of my fingers. If the pressure is not
taken off the nerve, muscle weakness and atrophy happens. For me it was my left triceps and left pec
major muscle. I was so weak, I could not do a push up. It was very difficult to compete in wrestling
when I had no strength.

This is where I found chiropractic care and more importantly found the secret to health. If the master
control system in your body is compromised then everything in your body can be affected. The
autonomic system(Organs), motor system(muscles), or sensory system(pain) will be shut down. I found
out that my neck was severely damaged and If I did not get it corrected, serious damage would happen
to all the nerve systems in my body. Thankfully I found chiropractic care to fix myself and now have
helped save thousands of lives with the principles of chiropractic care.